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What counting scale do I need for inventory?

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If you only need counting scales during inventory or peak-use periods, our scale rental program may be the right solution for you. You also save maintenance and storage costs while selecting the exact scales needed from our extensive inventory. We can help you choose the right scale choices for your individual rental requirements. The results will help you achieve an accurate and efficient physical inventory.

If you've ever hand counted your inventory then you realize how tedious the task can be. It also can be prone to error since every single piece is being counted... one by one by one. Maybe you lose count after being distracted, do you start over or just guess where your count was? Maybe you're in the middle of a count and you're paged over the loud speaker. Maybe your pager or cell phone goes off while you're counting. All of these can distract you and lead to in accurate counts.

This is where the counting scale is ideal. All you need to do in most cases is count out by hand ten pieces. Press 1 0 on the keypad and press SAMPLE. You are now ready to count the rest of the box. It's that simple. You will save a lot of time and get really accurate inventory counts with our rental scales. We currently offer two different capacity models to choose from. The 10 lb capacity counting scale is ideal for light weight components while the 50 lb capacity is ideal for most everything else.

One of the most powerful and useful features of FC-i Counting Scale Series is ACAI, Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement. It is not a new feature but a feature AND Weighing had incorporated to the first generation of FC counting scales in order to maximize the accuracy of counting without sacrificing ease of use.

The HC-i Counting Scale is ideal for fast and accurate counting applications. The HC-i comes with the same user interface as the current FC-i models. Features include Detachable Display Unit, Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement, Audible Weighing Assist, Comparator Function, and Large LCD Display. Capacities range from 6lb to 60lb with resolutions down to 0.001 lb.

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